Studio Starrs Team

The Studio Starrs Team (R to L: Sharon Hayden (designer), Myra Easton (designer), Elizabeth Starrs (principal), Karen Leygraaf (designer), Jeanette Ziegler (office manager)

Elizabeth Starrs
Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Science as well as an  Interior Design degree.  She lived in Europe for many years and traveled extensively, which has had a profound influence on her design approach.  Upon returning to the United States in 2002, Elizabeth worked for an interior designer in Springfield, Virginia before starting her own firm in 2004. Her core tenet is to never impart her design style on anyone but rather, to help clients define and refine their styles so that the finished product is truly a reflection of their tastes and preferences. With a comprehensive library of fabric, furniture, accessory and flooring vendors, an eye for quality workmanship, and the ability to find the best value, Elizabeth can help make design dreams a reality.  Her artistic sensibility, in combination with the client’s needs and requests, creates timeless designs for the home that are comfortable, welcoming, and most importantly,  a reflection of the people who live there.

Sharon Hayden
Sharon has Bachelor of Science, a Master of Business Administration as well as an Interior Design degree.  She is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS). Sharon is passionate about re-using and repurposing what a homeowner already owns. She seamlessly blends comfort and elegance by combining new and old to make interiors look stylish and sophisticated. This approach, together with a keen eye for color and fabric, makes Sharon perfectly poised to help a client create an updated space that looks fresh and new while reflecting the client’s own style and personality.


myraMyra Easton
Myra holds a Bachelor of Science as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design.  Myra owned her own design firm, Design Elements LTD, for 20 years which is where Elizabeth got her start in design as an assistant. Now semi-retired, Myra intends to divide her time between her passions of design, travel and animal rescue. Myra’s clean-lined aesthetic, skill in palette development and 20 years of experience make her a welcomed addition to tackle any design challenge!


Karen Leygraaf
Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts and is a jack of all trades. Karen’s innate ability to translate clients wants and needs into a focused, concise plan while maintaining an established budget makes her a valuable asset to Studio Starrs Interiors. She is practical, excels at finding more for less and is particularly attuned to the needs of families. Karen’s strengths in working with color, her attention to detail, and her ability to find the perfect accessories enable her to create aesthetically pleasing, organized solutions for busy families.