“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” –Charles Eames

Introducing Beth Knows Best–a design blog from yours truly. 

To blog, or not to blog…that is the question. Is there a need for another blog in the world? Probably not, although since I spend my life giving advice, I thought maybe it was time I write some of it down. Perhaps sharing my  knowledge and experiences will encourage you to develop your eye for design and inspire you to improve you own spaces?

From Army brat to Army Nurse to entering what will now be my 17th year as an interior designer, I  have learned much about how to read people, understand their needs, and deliver a beautiful, organized space that embodies their vision. In my experience, I’ve noticed that many designers have a particular aesthetic which they’ll recreate over and over again in different ways for each client. For me, the joy of interior design lies in the challenge of bringing to life whatever style (and budget!) the client brings forth. It isn’t always easy, and it may not always mesh with my personal preferences, but alas, with the basic principles of design, some creativity, and a “can-do” attitude, we at Studio Starrs Interiors can make it happen! 

The intent of Beth Knows Best is to provide you with new perspectives on how to think about the space you inhabit. I’ll touch on what’s current en vogue, trends that are on their way out, easy DIY tricks, and provide an insider scoop on where to find the best deals. Whether you’re a Facebook friend, a colleague, or you’ve accidentally stumbled upon this page and can’t find the escape button, I hope that you can learn something from my unsolicited 2 cents, or you’re — at the very least — able to de-stress with images of pristine and clutter-free kitchens (I certainly am).  

Thanks for following along.