Read the article by Elizabeth Starrs for the Town Courier on how to Freshen Up for Spring!

Spring is right around the corner — it’s time to give every room the once-over. Why not freshen up the look of your home? Here are five easy steps to do just that:

Clear the Clutter

Take a picture of your room and see what others see. You walk past the clutter every day. You hardly notice it. But when you examine your room in a picture, you will be surprised how much clutter suddenly appears. Put it away! You don’t need all that “stuff” on your counters. Clean out your cabinets and put it all away. Instant improvement.

Touch Up Your Paint

Take a good look at your doors, moldings, and walls. Lots of scuffs and dirty handprints? There is a product called “Magic Eraser” for that. But maybe you just need a new coat of paint — and maybe a new color? There is no better way to refresh a room than with a pretty new color. If you have had the same shade on your wall for more than 10 years, it’s time to pick a new one.

Reassess Throw Pillows

Does your sofa look tired? Fluff and rotate those cushions. Then take a good, hard look at your throw pillows. Are they stained? Flattened from years of use? Nothing looks more inviting than big, plump pillows. Invest in some new pillows or at least some new inserts — either down or faux down. Purchase an insert that is 2 inches larger than the size of your pillow case to give the pillow a full, plump look.

Clean the Rugs

Are your rugs dirty? Worn or stained? Give them a good cleaning. If that won’t do the trick, consider purchasing a new area rug for the floor or cover the wall-to-wall carpet in a particular area. There are lots of affordable, family-friendly options out there. This is a great way to tie in those new throw pillows and/or the new paint color as well.

Remove Those Dated Curtains

If your window treatments are more than 10 years old, it’s time for those dusty, dated, faded things to go. Now, don’t go without curtains altogether — a well-dressed window is like the frame on a beautiful piece of art or just the right necklace with an elegant dress. Consider adding some simple, lined (they will hang better) panels with grommets on either side of the window. They will not only beautifully frame your window but they will be functional (light and privacy control) in addition to giving you yet another opportunity to tie those pillows, rugs and paint all together.

Happy Spring!